Nearly 13 million trucks and tractor-trailers operate on U.S. roadways. This means you are likely to share the road with a truck at any given time. Therefore, observing road safety when sharing the road with trucks and other vehicles is important to avoid accidents. Below are four safe driving tips to help keep you and other road users safe.

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Focus On Driving

The first tip is always to drive defensively, especially when there is a large truck near you. Driving defensively means being aware of what's happening on the road, focusing on the road, controlling the speed of your vehicle, and being ready to react to other road users. You should also avoid distractions and never drive when intoxicated.

Pass Trucks Safely

Generally, passing a truck is different from passing a passenger vehicle. Passenger vehicles travel faster than large commercial trucks, so you need to know when to pass them. Here are essential tips for passing a truck safely:

  • Accelerate gradually
  • Apply your turn signal before shifting into the lane
  • Pass a truck on the driver's side 
  • Do not pass a truck unless you can see it in your backside mirror
  • Do not stay in a blind spot any longer than required

Avoid Blind Spots

Because of their size, big trucks have large blind spots where vehicles cannot see other road users. These spots are everywhere–on the truck's sides, front, and back. If you're traveling behind or next to a truck, avoid the following:

  • Pulling out in a blind spot
  • Driving too close to the truck, especially if you are speeding
  • Lingering in a blind spot for too long

Should you find yourself in a blind spot, ensure you calculate your move to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. For example, change lanes, accelerate, or slow down to get to a spot where the truck driver can see you.

Keep Your Distance

Always keep a safe distance on turns. For example, if the truck is making a right turn, you need to allow sufficient space between the trailer and the curb. Trucks tend to shift away from the curb when making a right turn; hence they need more space to complete the maneuver safely. If you drive too closely, your car could get crushed between the curb and the truck.

Get Help If You Have Been Injured in a Charleston Truck Accident

By following these four safe driving tips, you can keep yourself and others safe on the road. But if a truck accident has already happened, contact our Charleston truck accident lawyers at Lesemann & Associates to evaluate your situation.

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