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A boutique litigation firm

We Solve Legal Problems, Big And Small

Lesemann & Associates is an experienced, sophisticated litigation firm. By remaining intentionally small, our core team of attorneys is able to deliver top-notch legal representation to individuals and businesses across a variety of practice areas. From complex business disputes to catastrophic injuries, we provide the attention, resources, and experience required to succeed in and out of the courtroom.

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What Drives Our Team

On A Mission To Serve

Our law firm is one of action and results. Everything we do is aimed at helping you achieve the best possible outcome in negotiations, arbitration and litigation. We are selective in the number of clients that we work with, careful to only engage in cases where our law firm can provide maximum value. Should you choose to work with our law firm, your case will receive the attention it requires and you will receive the attention you deserve.

Staffed With Precision

Efficient. Strategic. Masterful. These are words that should describe your attorney. But an attorney’s expertise is only valuable to you when it is fully applied to each stage of representation. At Lesemann & Associates, we believe that the lawyer who stands before a judge, jury, or arbitrator must also be the lawyer who shaped the strategy, interviewed witnesses, attended inspections, and conducted depositions.

Litigation - It's Who We Are

A lawyer should understand what can - and what cannot - be accomplished in a courtroom. At Lesemann & Associates, we have taken many cases to trial. Large cases. Small cases. Business disputes. Wrongful death. We lend our experience, expertise, and perspective to our clients, helping them make strategic moves in discovery, settlement negotiations, and trial.

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