Civil Litigation

A Boutique Litigation Firm In Charleston

Lesemann & Associates is a medium-sized law firm practicing civil litigation in South Carolina. We handle a complete range of civil disputes, representing clients in state and federal courts as well as arbitration. We advise clients on civil law and tackle various legal issues, ranging from helping plaintiffs file their claims and lawsuits to protecting the rights of defendants who have been charged with various offenses.

At Lesemann & Associates, our civil litigation attorneys have decades of combined experience working for some of South Carolina’s leading law firms and have represented individuals, large corporations, and government agencies. As such, we are proud to have successfully represented clients in 24 different counties in South Carolina and 13 other states.

Cases We Handle

At Lesemann & Associates, our attorneys have the experience, skills, and credentials to handle any case, whether small or big. We understand how critical civil cases are; hence we help our clients understand their options to make informed decisions. We can handle litigation cases involving the following:

General Litigation: Our civil litigation attorneys can handle a wide range of civil lawsuits in general regarding various matters across industries.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Some cases are better off settled out of court. We can help the disputing parties resolve their issues through negotiation, arbitration, conciliation, and other alternative dispute resolution methods.

Antitrust: We can represent individuals, associations, and corporations in cases involving claims of improper dealer termination, price discrimination, attempted monopolization, information exchanges, and other allegations.

Unfair Trade Practices and Fraud Cases: These claims involve the use of deceptive, fraudulent, and unfair trade practices such as deceptive pricing, false gift offers, and false advertising.

Premises Liability: When someone is injured on business premises or a property owned by another person, they may have a right to file a compensation claim. At Lesemann & Associates, we can help with such cases.

Employment Litigation: We also represent clients who have been wrongfully terminated by their employer.

Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Denial of Benefits: We defend individuals against insurance companies that refuse to pay benefits even after presenting a legitimate claim.

Real Estate Litigation: Attorneys at Lesemann & Associates have experience handling disputes arising between buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. We can also help in boundary disputes, restrictive covenants, easement litigation, and landlord/tenant disputes.

Land Use and Zoning Matters: Our attorneys also handle various legal issues associated with land use and zoning matters.

Condemnation and Eminent Domain: We defend clients facing condemnation against public and private entities.

Claims against Governments and Public Officials: If a person wants to file a lawsuit against the government or a public official, we can help pursue their case.

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The civil litigation attorneys at Lesemann & Associates have the knowledge, experience, and resources to handle a wide range of cases. We can represent you in and out of court to ensure your rights are fully protected. Contact us online or give us a call at (843) 724-5155 to get the legal help you need.

Civil Litigation FAQ

What Does a Civil Litigation Attorney Do?

A litigation attorney is hired to represent the plaintiff or defendant in a civil litigation case. Litigation attorneys usually specialize in a particular field, allowing them to hone their craft in one particular practice area.

The litigation attorneys at Lesemann & Associates specialize in various practice areas, including general litigation, premises liability, employment litigation, business disputes, personal injury, and other civil litigation-related cases.

At Lesemann & Associates, we represent individuals and businesses, small or large, and can handle the following aspects of your case:

  • Help in the Discovery Process: A civil litigation attorney will assist in the discovery process of your case by interviewing witnesses, filing documents with the court, hiring expert witnesses, sending discovery requests to the other party, and developing a discovery plan.
  • Take Your Case to Trial: If you cannot reach an agreeable settlement or the defendant’s team fails to settle the matter, your attorney can take you through the trial process. This can include representing you in court, filing motions during trial, submitting new evidence, questioning witnesses, and participating in jury selection.
  • Advice You on Your Settlement Options: A civil attorney will investigate your case and research the facts of your case to determine the best settlement options for your case.

How Do I File a Civil Lawsuit in South Carolina?

Here are the steps to take if you want to file a civil lawsuit in South Carolina:

  • Determine if you have a valid civil litigation case: The first step is determining if you have grounds for a valid claim. To file a valid claim in South Carolina, you have some form of damages and be able to demonstrate that the defendant is responsible for your damages.
  • Find an appropriate court: It is also essential to determine which court has jurisdiction over the litigation matter so you can file your claim with the right court.
  • Send the defendant a summons: Once you find the right court, it is time to serve the defendant with a summons and a complaint.
  • Appear in court: You will have to attend a court hearing on the date stated in the summons. The judge will hear and review the evidence provided by both sides and give a ruling. If you are dissatisfied with the ruling, you can appeal to a higher court with the help of a Charleston civil litigation lawyer.
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