Land Use and Zoning

Charleston Land Use and Zoning Lawyers

Land use is an important concept that applies to any construction project or real estate development. Understanding land use is essential for anyone interested in keeping up with the regulations associated with developing, constructing, and using specific properties in Charleston, South Carolina.

At Lesemann & Associates, we understand zoning, land use, and municipal laws. You can rely on us for the insights we provide and our ability to translate them into practical solutions.

Planning and Zoning

Planning and zoning define how land is used and controlled. Zoning is the division of land into zones, which are defined by municipal ordinances. Planning involves creating a comprehensive plan for the development of an area. These processes ensure that land is used efficiently and orderly and meets the community's needs. Without planning and zoning, the growth and development of urban and rural areas would occur haphazardly, leading to problems such as traffic congestion, pollution, and lack of open space.

Plans are created through a public process that involves input from citizens, business owners, and government officials. Then, zoning ordinances are enacted by local governments. Both planning and zoning can be controversial because they can restrict what owners can do with their land.

Charleston, South Carolina Planning and Zoning Laws

The City of Charleston is dedicated to promoting and protecting our public health, safety, and welfare through the effective use of land. The city's planning and zoning laws are designed to maintain a high quality of life and allow growth and development.

The city's plan establishes the guidelines for land use, transportation, economic development, and other aspects of growth and development. This plan is updated periodically to reflect the area's changes.

Charleston zoning ordinances divide the city into different districts, each with its regulations. The regulations vary depending on the district but are all designed to promote effective land use.

The city also enforces several other land use regulations related to subdivisions, lot sizes, building setbacks, and environmental protection. These regulations are designed to ensure that new development is compatible with the existing neighborhood.

How Our Charleston Land Use and Zoning Lawyers Can Help

The Charleston land use lawyers at Lesemann & Associates can help you navigate the process of complying with zoning and planning requirements.

We will work with you to ensure that your project complies with all applicable laws and regulations and will fight to protect your rights if opponents challenge your project.

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