Commercial trucks' mass, size, and speed can cause catastrophic damage in an accident. Hiring a Charleston truck accident  attorney is the most beneficial thing you can do after a commercial truck collision. 

The legal team at Lesemann & Associates understands that taking action as quickly as possible after an accident will warrant the best results for you and your loved ones. So they'll work with you to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve after an accident. 

How Do Truck Accidents Occur?

Like other car accidents, truck accidents are commonly caused by vehicle malfunctions or negligent and distracted driving. However, some truck accidents are more complicated than passenger car accidents. For example, the truck size can make it more challenging for a truck driver to see other vehicles, or stop in a short amount of time, than a standard passenger vehicle driver. 

For instance, 18-wheelers have significant blind spots that can prevent drivers from seeing smaller vehicles. Since the entire passenger car can fit inside the blind spot, they are at high risk when the commercial truck makes a turn or switches a lane.

Other causes of truck accidents include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Inadequate training

Sometimes it's not always the fault of the truck driver. For instance, if the truck driver was forced to drive more hours than they should have to deliver a load, it may not be clear who is at fault. For this reason, you need a Charleston truck accident lawyer to help determine who is at fault.

Who should be Held Liable for a Truck Accident?

Typically, commercial truck drivers are held liable for truck accidents. If it is determined that the driver was negligent, they will be held responsible for the accident. However, other entities could have contributed to the truck accidents:

  • The trucking company: There are rules governing trucking companies. They must hire qualified drivers, use alcohol screening to prevent drug abuse, and regulate how much they can load on their trucks. If the company employs an incompetent driver or forces the driver to drive an overloaded truck, they could be responsible for the accident.
  • The truck manufacturer: Most crashes are caused by malfunctions such as brake failures and tire problems. If a defective part caused the accident, you could hold the manufacturer accountable for your damages.
  • Loading companies: The commercial truck company should ensure the load is secured and safe for travel. The company will be liable for the damages if the accident is load-related.

What to Do Following a Truck Accident in Charleston

It is advisable to stay calm, seek medical attention and call the police to have the accident report filed. If possible, exchange the contact and insurance information with the other driver and gather as much evidence as possible. Contact your Charleston truck accident lawyer for help filing a compensation claim.

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