After a car accident, responsible drivers should stop, contact the police, collect information from the other party, and seek medical attention. However, there are times when the other party fails to stop. For this reason, knowing the steps to take after this type of accident is essential.

What Are The Steps to Take After a Hit and Run?

Try to Identify the Other Driver: Identifying and recording information about the hit-and-run party can increase your probability of finding the at-fault party. If you’re able, write details about the vehicle’s model, license plate number, make, or color. Checking security cameras or gathering information from witnesses near the scene is also helpful. 

Seek Medical Help: After the accident, you’ll need to address any injuries you may have sustained. Seeking medical attention is not only essential for your health but is a crucial element of your personal injury claim.

Reach Out to a Car Accident Lawyer: A hit-and-run accident can be pretty traumatic. However, seeking legal advice after the accident can help ensure you receive rightful compensation. Consider reaching out to a car accident attorney to understand your legal options.

What to Do if the Hit-and-Run Driver Is an Uninsured Motorist?

You’ll need to contact your insurance company if you’ve been involved in a car crash. You can receive compensation to cover the losses if your insurance company offers uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage acts as the uninsured party’s liability coverage.

However, it’s essential to note that this type of coverage cannot exceed your standard liability coverage amount. For instance, if you have $80,000 in total liability coverage, you cannot carry more than this amount as an uninsured motorist coverage.

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