We live in a society that is not always straightforward. People we engage with can be full of greed, corruption, violence, lies, and deception. These can sometimes lead to a lawsuit, leaving you with no option but to seek assistance from a civil litigation attorney.

Most people with simple cases may feel that obtaining legal representation wastes resources. However, that thought process is wrong. A civil litigation lawyer will help you save money in the long run and increase your likelihood of having a favorable outcome.

What is Civil Litigation?

Litigation is classified into two: civil and criminal. Civil litigation involves legal disputes between individuals or institutions. Typically, one of the parties involved in the dispute feels they are eligible to receive an object or a sum of money.

In civil cases, no one party is considered criminal. One can either be a defendant or a plaintiff. The plaintiff is the one who makes a claim before the court by providing a Statement of Claim. This statement highlights what entitles the plaintiff to the object or the sum of money.

On the other hand, the defendant is the individual who responds to the claim made by the plaintiff. The defendant is expected to respond using their Statement of Defense.

A civil litigation case follows several steps:

  • Investigation
  • Pleadings,
  • Discovery
  • Trial

If the defendant or the plaintiff is not satisfied with the final ruling, they can seek further redress through the court of appeal. The Charleston civil litigation attorneys at Lesemann & Associates can offer the legal assistance you need throughout the civil litigation process.

How Can Civil Litigation Attorneys Help Your Case?

Civil litigation can be daunting, overwhelming, and costly. However, this is often not the case when you work with a civil litigation lawyer. Civil lawyers understand the law and court procedures and can step into your shoes to help you deal with civil disputes.

This way, as the defendant or plaintiff, you can relieve the anxiety and stress of civil litigation. Other reasons to hire a civil litigation attorney include:

  • A Lawyer Will Collect the Evidence to Prove Your Case: A lot of effort and time goes into preparing civil litigation cases. An excellent civil litigation lawyer will offer to collect evidence on your behalf. In a nutshell, your lawyer will work to build your case on paper and find witnesses to testify in court.

All you need to do is schedule a consultation with your attorney and tell them the story while mentioning all the parties involved. The lawyer should interview witnesses and obtain voice recordings, letters, messages, photos, or video footage that could help build a strong case.

Besides, they may offer assistance if your case requires expert witnesses. Finding an expert witness on your own may be challenging. Your civil litigation attorney will know who to call.

  • You will Reduce Your Risk: In civil litigation cases, the stakes can be high. For example, the dispute may involve expensive assets or a large sum of money. As a result, there’s a probability that losing the case can have a significant impact on your financials.

A civil litigation lawyer will lower your chances of losing the case or your valuable possessions. Although there is a risk that the judge will not rule in your favor, having a lawyer by your side can be an excellent way to ensure your rights are protected.

  • You Will Have Peace of Mind: A civil litigation case can be a nasty thing to handle. However, an experienced civil litigation attorney will answer your questions and provide regular updates regarding the case proceedings.

Most parties enter these lawsuits when one party may be unable to communicate appropriately. Sometimes, the plaintiff may not be willing to create time for negotiations. This changes when you seek the help of a lawyer.

Civil litigation lawyers are experienced negotiators who understand working with different people. As a result, you can have peace of mind knowing that your litigation case will move in the right direction.

  • Attorneys Understand Court Rules and Procedure: A civil litigation case involves more than just showing up in court and arguing an issue. There are a lot of preparations required before the trial begins. They may include drafting documents and filling them before specific time limits. If you fail to meet the deadlines, you risk having your case dismissed or your evidence rendered inadmissible.

Besides, some documents must be tabled before the court while attached to certain forms. These forms may include affidavits or other prescribed forms. It is advisable to follow these procedures strictly.

You have to be realistic when deciding whether or not you should hire a civil litigation attorney. Remember that the judge will not overlook your failure to abide by the court rules even if you don’t have experience. Besides, you should note that the court or judge is not there to help you win your case.

  • You Don’t Have to Worry About Incriminating Yourself: Providing too much information can be dangerous. However, most people who don’t understand the law may not see that. Your lawyer will go the extra mile to ensure you don’t give an incriminating statement in court.

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